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In the beginning of October we catched up with our Portuguese friend and rider Hugo Cardoso and recorded him during one entire day at his hometown: Ericeira.  A day with Hugo usually consists on a good breaky followed with an early surf till the wind pops up and surfskate till the sun sets. The idea is pretty simple: to be able to surf all day no matter what. 

Go to the Video: LINK

After the great success the Pukas x Yow "La Loca" was, it is no surprise that we decided to add one more shape to the Pukas x Yow series. 

We are finally (properly) introducing the Pukas surfboards x Yow Plan B board.  

For those that don't know, the Pukas Plan B surfboard is an hybrid that stands in between a classic twin fin shape and a high performance thruster. A brilliant design out of the mind of Pukas's shaper Axel Lorentz. 

The surfskate replica of such a board, had to be just as incredible so our designers, along with Axel Lorentz, created a surfskate board that can take your performance to the maximum level, yet still looking as clean as the original surfboard. 

YOW presenting a new short flick from the shooting we made in Barcelona. This time the spot chosen is Mar Bella, one of Barcelona's finest spots for surfskate. 

Check out the new YOW FEELING GOOD


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There are many ways for surfing the streets, and Victor knows some of them ;)


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An authentic exchange between Pukas and YOW.

Check ou the Video!

We are proud to announce that SOVRN is now available in shops throughout the European continent. The roots, the inspiration and the demand have made SOVRN a perfect candidate for its introduction in the region. The release in Europe is now a reality, thanks to SOVRN for the trust.

Founded in the UK in 1991 by Jeremy Fox, lan Deacon and Geoff Rowley, and moved to California in 1994.

The Flipteam make history through his videos during the years, especially from the Sorry trilogy. Nowadays still having one of the best team of all over the world, with young riders and real legends.

We are more than proud to have the historical brand in our family, and its a new era for FLIP Skateboards, coming back to Europe to manufacture Skateboards.

Team: Tom Penny, David Gonzales, Luan Oliveira, Arto Saari, Lance Mountain, Rune Glifberg, Bob Burnquist, Louie Lopez, Curren Caples, Alec Majerus, Matt Berger, Ben Nordberg (AM), Denny Pham (AM), Keegan Palmer (AM), Alexander Risvad (AM)

Javier Sarmiento, Tyler Surrey, Erik J. Pettersson, Madars Apse and the rest of the team are stoked on the new bearings.  

Mosaic Company is proud to introduce the new premium quality Ceramic Bearings.  
The best bearings in the market. The more you use them, the better they get.

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